​Ready to show the world the real you?

Yes, you hate having your picture taken.

Yes, you would like to use that one from several years ago because, damn, you looked good back then!

But, wait! That’s not you now.

If I can show you that the process is quick, affordable, painless and maybe even fun wouldn’t you just try?

I offer Headshot Specials where in 20 minutes you can transform from the person who hates having their picture taken to someone who is attractive and professional and who sees yourself in that way.  Really. Truly. It happens all the time!

Today we do business with people we may never meet. It’s essential to communicate who you are to that person across town and across the world with an image that captures the essence of you!

What are you going to do with this brand new image of yourself?

  • Use if to your job search on LinkedIn.
  • Place a tiny version in your email signature.
  • Facebook, of course!
  • Update your company website.
  • Print your new headshot for acting.
  • Send it to your Mom!
  • Use as your brand identity for your small business.

Tara Gimmer Headshot Special $129


  • A twenty minute session
  • 1 Outfit
  • 1 pose selected from shots rendered during sitting
  • 1 retouched digital photo/jpg format to you in about a week

Total Investment: $129.00

Additional shots from session – optional at $30 each
Web Gallery of all the images – optional at $30

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